Bahimat Bazurg Program

Bahimat Bazurg Program Check Balance online

Bahimat Bazurg Program: In our society, there are elderly persons who want assistance in order to meet their demands. There may be a physical or financials assistance. They need may arise from the fact that our government has lunched very few programs for the elderly, has very few agencies dedicated to serving them, or even from the fact that funds allocated for the elderly do not actually reach them.

On October 8, 2011 the pakistani government introduced the Bahimat Bazurg program. The Programs aim was to assist the elderly in society and enable them to assist themselves. The budget for the Bahimat Bazurg program exceeds two Dollars. The goal of this Program was to provide financial assistance to the Bazurg community so that they could receive funds for assistance.

This Program was started by Imran khan administrations, and it has been successful ever since. The benefit of this program is that it will assist many people so that they can receive assistance from it every three months. It covers seniors who are 65 years old.

Eligibility Criteria For Apply

Bahimat Bazurg Program was established for the elderly or those who in need. The Pakistani government recently allotted three billion rupees for this program based on the Bazurg ethnic group. They will receive 2000 PKR per month to cover their expenses. This government of Pakistan initiative is excellent.

People from Bazurg should contact anyone and ca use this money and this money to suit their necessities. By introducing the Bahimat Program, which would give elderly persons, the Punjab socials Protections Authority will close this disparity. These elderly will educate their communities about significant societal issues.

Bahimat Bazurg Program

How to Check Bahimat Bazurg Program Money Online

If you have an ATM Card, you can insert it to see how much money is still in it. Or check balance by online Banking using our details and login the application and check your balance. the Method of utilizing an ATM provided by Bank of Punjab is fairly simple, and you can use it at any Bank.

  • First of all inter your ATM card to any ATM Machine
  • Then inter your card PIN to show your Balance
  • Also you can withdraw the money from their

How to Apply For Bahimat Bazurg Program

Their is some requirements that you may need to know before

  • If Your Age is above 65 years old then you can Apply
  • Go to the government website and click on Bahimat Bazurg Program
  • Click on registration and submit all required documents
  • Once you have enrolled, a represented will contact you and ask some verification and then funds will be disbursement.
  • Note Only 1 person can Apply for this program in whole family.
  • You will get 6000 PKR after every 3 Months that is the very good initiative by Pakistani Government.

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