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Interest-free Solar Panel System Meezan

Meezan Solar: Meezan Bank has started providing rewards to its clients in accordance with Islamic law. With affordable costs and pay-as-you-go programs, their solar panel financing scheme guarantees access to green energy. Electrically costs associated with the installation will be cut in half. Furthermore, as this technology complies with shariah, you can install solar panels devoid of interest packs.

Solar powered homeowners are ideal for generating their own electricity. Additionally, extra energy produced through net metering is sold back to the national grid, which contributes to a clean enviroment.

With Balance Bank, your simple payment projects are competitive, and their solar panels gives you a less expensive and more convenient option to invest in green energy. you will have access to professional advice to support you in thus process and with pricing.

Eligibility Requirements

Individual with salary

  • Nationality: The Applicant is a Pakistani nationals who is a permanent resident and possesses a national identity card.
  • Age Requirements: To Apply for this program, a person must be at least 20 year old and at most 60 years old. Co-applicant maximum age is 75.
  • Work status: Must be long term.
  • Income: A Lakh Should be the minimum annual pay. and be a consistent employee for at least two years.
  • Account in Meezan Bank: If the applicant doesn’t already have an account there, one will be opened in order to process a loan offer.

Meezan Solar Details of Loan is Below

Ehsaas Solar Panels

Total Application Costs

Processing Charges: PKR 5000 + FED

Documents Charges: At actual

Late Payment Charges: NILL

Meezan Partner Survey Charges: At Actual

Termination: Can be termination at any time by paying remaining installments

STR : PKR 1000

How To Apply

  • You must visit nearby Bank office to submit your request, and you can also acquire all the details by phoning the following helpline. 111 331 331/ 111 331 332
  • Ask Solarjee Partner with Meezan Bank for qoute.
  • Send a copy of the application signed by CNIC, and a copy of the specialized electricity bill.
  • You will Receive a form, you can also obtain it from the bank or download from online.
  • You must submit a form to the nearest Bank After filling the Details

Required Documents

  • Proof of property ownership
  • Presently billed electricty
  • A properly completed application
  • Copy of a valid CNIC Pictures
  • Form for verifying signatures
  • Assurance of funding
  • A legitimate price estimate from a solar vendor approved by Meezan Bank.

Applying on Salaried Based

  • Newest Pay Slip
  • Job Application Letter
  • DOJ proof
  • 6 Month Salary statement that transfer to your Account
  • Employment Position
  • if the applicant is a compensated director, the corporation must provide audited financials and letters.

Applying as Businessman

  • Enterpreneurship
  • NTNs
  • Bank proprietorship letters
  • Tax Returns
  • Partnership
  • A copy of the most Recent and any prior partnership agreements
  • If a firm is registered, a certificate form the registrar of firms
  • A six moth Bank statement from either the Applicant partner or the firm
  • Limited Partnership
  • Memorandum of Articles
  • Association of Article,
  • Certificate of Incorporation,
  • and latest Form-A are All Required.
  • Latest Form-29
  • Verified Financials
  • 6 Month Bank Statement from the Applicant director or the company.

Pension Apply

  • 6 Months worth of Bank Statement showing net pension credit to the account
  • Along with a copy of the pension Book or certificate.

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