PM Laptop Scheme

PM Laptop Scheme 2023

PM Laptop Scheme was reinstituted by the pakistani government in 2023 for a five-year period. The young generation will receive assistance from the pakistani government under this initiative. Included where the prime minister youth loan scheme, Prime minister youth training scheme, and interest-free Loan program.

The goal of this initiative was to uplift Pakistan’s youth, hence various forms of assistance were provided to these individuals. So That children can establish their own business and take a part in Pakistan’s grouth.

PM Pakistan has once more declared that students will receive laptops. We will offer computers as part of laptop program to talented students with strong academic credentials. All eligible and deserving students will receive these computers, allowing them to use them to advance their educational systems.

Laptops Scheme 2023

In addition to having a high rate of return, investing in youth is acknowledged as the best long-term investment for a prosperous future of any country with favorable demographic effects.

Youth are assisted in a variety of methods in developed nations so that they will go to the various councils and work from home. The prime minister of Pakistan took a great job for a younger generation by launching this initiative. The youth will receive free laptops and having the opportunity to earn thousands of rupees each month using the Laptops.

Criteria for Eligibility

Students who are enrolled in a four-year BS or BSC degree and they are in first or second year.

  • Students who studies in HEC university or college
  • Students who Passed with 60% Marks
  • Students in the first semester of a two-years Masters Degree program with a grade point average of three and a 70% Marks
  • Those students who applied before for loan scheme still they can apply for Laptop

How to apply for PM Laptop Scheme 2023

The government of pakistan took a great initiative for Laptop scheme

This program aims to create a good skills to the Students and earn money to stable their future

  • First, you have to contact your respected HOD
  • You must inform them that you want to apply for PM Loan Scheme
  • Submit all the required documents and state your status that you are a worthy students and need a Free laptop
  • After enrolling, you will receive a SMS on your registered Mobile number from the punjab govt.
  • Wait for Distribution of Laptops.

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